1. harden, make hard, strengthen, stiffen, starch, thicken; temper, steel, toughen, vulcanize; ossify, petrify, fossilize, Archaic. lapidify; calcify, vitrify, crystallize.
2. inure, accustom, condition, season, set; habituate, caseharden, train, addict, indoctrinate, acclimate.
3. hardened, hard, adamantine, steely, callous, strong; stony, gritty, flinty, granitic, rocky, stony, concrete; horny, corneous, bony, cartilaginous, Archaic. lapidific, osseous, sclerotic; vitreous, crystalline, aphanitic, porphyritic.
4. rigid, obstinate, stubborn, obdurate, recusant; unfeeling, cold, frigid, chilled; remorseless, unrepentant, impenitent, uncontrite; incorrigible, irreclaimable, irredeemable, irremissible.
5. inflexible, unbending, inelastic, unyielding; inured, accustomed, unchangeable, casehardened, conditioned, set.

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  • Indurate — In du*rate, v. i. To grow hard; to harden, or become hard; as, clay indurates by drying, and by heat. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • indurate — v. /in doo rayt , dyoo /; adj. /in doo rit, dyoo ; in door it, dyoor /, v., indurated, indurating, adj. v.t. 1. to make hard; harden, as rock, tissue, etc.: Cold indurates the soil. 2. to make callous, stubborn, or unfeeling: transgressions that… …   Universalium

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